We at AIDS Healthcare Foundation proudly and firmly say today and every day that we stand against hate. This is one of those moments in history when people will look back and ask where you stood. Join AHF and #StandAgainstHate

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In response to the tragedy in Charlottesville and its turbulent, eye-opening aftermath—a tragedy which exposed a national moral crisis rending the country the scale of which has not been seen for more than half-century— AHF has launched a new national advocacy campaign to take on the hatred, racism and burgeoning white supremacy movement so brutally unmasked by Charlottesville and its aftermath.

#StandAgainstHate features a national billboard campaign rolling out in Los Angeles and multiple AHF regions over the next few weeks, a social media campaign, and community forums and talkback sessions in select cities around the country where AHF has a presence.

15 things you can do to #standagainsthate

  1. Volunteer for an organization that is making a difference in the community and IS standing against hate.
  2. Lead by example, be tolerant of others.
  3. Being tolerant; tolerance breeds mutual respect regardless of different perspectives.
  4. Every month, google activities in your area of community improvement or social justice actions and then pick one to attend.
  5. Be an active participant in standing against hate by identifying it, voicing your opinion about it and participating in action.
  6. Support minority-owned businesses, orgs, and writers with your money.
  7. If you see that a community space is all white, ask why its not a more inclusive space to the organizers to create dialogue on changing it.
  8. Being available and present to attend discussions, marches, protests, etc. to understand how to assist the movement.
  9. Vote in local elections.
  10. Listen and learn all you can about the experiences of those around you in order to understand what you can do to help.
  11. Educate yourself about others and their culture. knowledge is power. People in your life may have less experience with diversity and understanding.
  12. Take time to really intently listen to others experiences without arguing or “one-upping”, but to truly simply take in what they are saying they have lived.
  13. Call out your racist relatives when they say something hurtful or offensive.
  14. Be mindful of who you give your business to. Campaign donations are public, research a company’s political agenda before buying their products.
  15. Stop voting for hateful bigots because of “economic” reasons. People are literally dying so you can save 3% on your taxes.

BONUS: Stand Against Hate by not staying silent. Especially when those close to you make comments that are negative to another person’s culture; background; or experience. Check them! and possibly consider leaving them behind as you continue to evolve towards building a greater world for all.

How do you stand against hate?

#standagainsthate videos

How Do you #StandAgainstHate?
Send us a 15 second video clip with the following:
What is your name?
Who are you?
How do you #StandAgainstHate?

How do you stand against hate?

15 things aids healthcare foundation does to #standagainsthate

  1. Providing relief to areas affected by natural disasters.
  2. Provides care to patients regardless of ability to pay.
  3. Advocates for those who can’t stand up for themselves.
  4. Provides housing to those who need it.
  5. Fights poverty around the globe.
  6. Supports legislation to help bring aid to countries in need.
  7. Actively works to fight pharmaceutical companies & exorbitant drug prices.
  8. Supports minority-owned businesses & organizations.
  9. Creates a platform for disparaged groups and minorities to have a voice.
  10. Creates programs to dispell stigma of all kinds.
  11. Creates safe spaces around the world.
  12. Organizes demonstrations, sit-ins, and disruptions.
  13. Creates campaigns to bring awareness to overlooked national and global epidemics.
  14. Promotes diversity.
  15. Uses influence to speak out and speak up!


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